Craniosacral Therapy

Deeper than trauma, illness or struggle lies a state of stillness, peace and health.

This hands-on therapy assists in the body’s natural capacity to self-heal which can result in profound physical and psychological benefits. Craniosacral therapy does not use manipulation, the practitioner will place her hands lightly on your body. Through her hands she will engage in a deep listening. Our cells express rhythmic movement fundamental to life. Craniosacral therapists are trained to feel this subtle motion. You may become aware of heat, tingling, pulsations or other sensations and you are likely to feel a deep sense of relaxation.

Who is CST suitable for? People come for craniosacral therapy for different reasons. Some come for support through major or minor illness, life transitions, aspects of trauma.  While others may have aches, pains, or minor injuries. Some people are also drawn to this therapy for its deeply relaxing and meditative qualities. As we draw attention to body sensation and encourage you to track your responses, this therapy can help you to build inner resources, alleviate stress and be restoring for the nervous system. Relevant for all stages of life and all ages, the gentle and non-intrusive approach makes Craniosacral therapy accessible for babies and the elderly. 

What happens in a session? Usually after a brief conversation, you will be invited to lay down on a massage couch, fully clothed. Craniosacral therapy can also be practiced sitting, and in the case of babies or young children, between play or in the care of the guardian present.

 During the session the practitioner may periodically ask you to describe what sensations you are experiencing. The process of coming into body-awareness and developing resources can help you to have a more pro-active approach to your own health.

How long is a session? Sessions can take one hour or one and a half hours. We begin by taking a brief case history. 

How many sessions will I need? Profound changes can occur in one session. However, depending on your circumstances, and your enquiry you may like to continue with further sessions. As a measure, it can be good to think in terms of three sessions.

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