The Vowel Series

Toning the vowel series is a good way to begin your voice practice, to develop your capacity to lengthen the breath and enjoy making sounds without effort. 

Chanting the vowels is one way to develop overtones in your voice and to build resonance in the body. By ‘toning’ the vowels, we begin to notice that each one tends to resonate in a different part of the body, and holds a different quality.

Vowel sounds are open sounds, we can enter into them and out of them without effort. They are potentially never-ending and perhaps for this reason are given the attributes of the infinite, the Divine.

In contrast consonants tend to be more percussive in nature. Working more obviously with pressure and release as each sound often starts with a hitting action, like ‘b’ ‘d’ ‘g’. In this practice we become aware that consonants can be used to give direction, impetus, to hold or move energy in bursts, they are potent and are generally short lived.

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