Sonic Meditation

Tanya’s teaching draws from the living traditions of Yoga, Shamanism and the Dao, to awaken what she calls ‘The Listening Body’

Typically in these sessions we form a circle and start by paying attention to our breathing. From here we do simple movement to release the diaphragm, free the joints, and come in touch with our physicality. We engage in ‘warm up’ exercises to find our voice and make connections through the bandhas, the power points of the body. By means of repetition and attention to inner sensation we find ourselves embarking on a journey of self observation and, by a shift of consciousness , embracing sacred practices.

At times we will pitch together, at times we go ‘free style’ where our voices move into and out of harmony. This vocal approach is inclusive to those who sing, don’t/can’t sing, to those who have been told they are ‘tone deaf’. Our attention is not focused on how we sound, but more on how we feel, on what the different sounds and practices invoke in us. Our attention moves from our individual sound, to the sound of the collective, and further still to find connection with the breathing universe. 

Generally the sounds and mantra’s that we chant do not belong to any particular religion, but more resonate at a human and universal level. 

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