The Listening Body

The ‘listening body’ is about developing self awareness. Being able to listen deeply. The whole body is permeated by vibration. The whole body produces vibration. When we sing, speak or chant, the sound is traveling through all tissue layers.  What happens when we listen with our hands, our kidneys? Ask yourself, when I am speaking, where in the body am I speaking from? 

Resonance is a state in which there is flow, of information, energy, substance. Resonance is also a state in which something comes into balance, into tune, focus, alignment. At this moment we witness a natural phenomena, where the resonant sound appears bigger than the form it inhabits. We build resonance in the body through self practice and group practice. Working with voice, breath and attention to inner sensation we develop a sensitivity to the potency of sound. All sound produces a pressure in the body. As we develop our awareness of how this feels, we become aware of the moments ‘without sound’ and what this feels like. We become sensitised to feelings of fullness and emptiness, density and spaciousness.

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