Sonic Meditation at The Green House

Classes and Workshops @  The Green House. Craig-cefn-park. SA6 5TA Swansea

Sonic Meditation classes Thursday 11-12.30  September 13th. 7 weeks £56/£8 drop in This class is open level. It is preferred that you book for the course, but you are welcome to drop in and give it a try! We build up our practice over a period of time. Exploring different aspects, developing our breathing and ability to resonate sounds in different parts of the body.

Vocal Resonance.Through simple techniques and sacred vocal practices we explore resonance in the body. An introduction to The Vowel Series and mantra. All welcome. No singing skills required.

Overtone chanting     A sacred practice in many traditions and referred to as ‘the sound of angels’ overtones are a naturally occurring phenomena of sound. We produce overtones or harmonics all the time when we speak, sing or chant. In this practice we seek to make them more audible. Together we create a resonant field.  All welcome, no singing skills required!

Six Healing Tao Sounds    Primarily used as a kriya (cleansing) practice, these simple vibrations produced by breath and tone are used to expel stagnant energy and gather fresh energy into our organs. Detoxifying and strengthening. Our ‘organs of perception’ respond to thoughts, emotions, seasons, sounds…We also practice The Inner Smile.

Resonance and Resourcing   A time to submerge yourself in the sound practice. Through toning, humming, and chant we explore the body’s power points and build group resonance. The weekend is paced with supportive yoga posture and yoga nidra, allowing us time to integrate and explore the nature of silence and deep listening.